Wonderful End To A Blah Beginning!

That’s always a good thing, right?!?! Like I said, my day started out, well, kinda rocky…Luckily, that quickly turned around! First off, I had a VERY productive day at work. YES!  Then, when I got home…I found this in the mail…

Heeeeeyah! That's a booty kicking class!

Heeeeeyah! That's a booty kicking class!

I had debated on which certification to order, and finally decided on kickboxing…we’ll see how it turns out. I haven’t been doing it that long, but I have faith! Never know when the gyms gonna need a sub!

Then it was time to hit up Bernadette’s (fellow instructor) Pump class.

YAY! Gym time...headin out the door.

YAY! Gym time...headin out the door.

It ended up being an awesome (as always) hardcore, sweatin your booty off kinda class! And, Colleen and I shadowed, which is always fun! I LOVE being up on that stage. Yes, my gyms GF room has a stage! Also, my GF Coordinator (Bernie) asked if I might be interested in teaching a spin class on weekends! YAY! I had considered that a few months ago, but they didn’t need anyone. Hopefully, I’ll be teaching spin soon!

After the sweat session, I headed home to pack tamales lunch, make dinner and many other things! I decided on having my leftover smashed kidney bean quesadilla along with a NEW side dish…eggplant fries! YUMMM! Recipe compliments of Care to Eat blog. Thanks!

Cut into "fries", drizzle w/a lil EVOO and season w/salt & pepper! VOILA!

Cut into "fries", drizzle w/a lil EVOO and season w/salt & pepper! VOILA!

Broil on HI for about 30 minutes and flip half way thru.

While my “fries” were baking, I chopped up some carrots. I always have fresh chopped carrots and celery in my fridge.

wednesday 10 14 010

 I’m very specific when it comes to chopping my veggies.  I heart chopping.I’m weird..

wednesday 10 14 011

Are you guys overly particular about specific food preperations or anything else in the kitchen? For me, it’s chopping my veggies and putting away the dishes/silverware. It has to be done a very specific way. lol.

Well, after my veggies were chopped,  my lunch packed for tamale and cleaned up the mess, the “fries” were finally done.

wednesday 10 14 013

Here’s the final package!

wednesday 10 14 016


Now onto a completely random subject…I was in my closet earlier and was thinking, geez, really!?!? You have this many pair of boots…


That’s not even all of them…then I have a million other pair of shoes! I told ya’ll I have a shopping problem! I found these beauts at Ross….regular retail $110, I got them for $12! Who can say no?!?!


$12!!!! That’s almost free!!!! Heehee.

I know I’m not the only shopaholic out there!!!! Come on, fess up! What’s your shopping “weakness”??? Shoes, handbags, jewelry, CARS?!?! lol.

Ok homies, I gota get to laughin my pikachu off on Cougartown. Catcha tamale!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lish
    Oct 15, 2009 @ 04:17:36

    Seriously Heather, lipstick to the gym? Also, what does Tony eat for dinner?


  2. hrmeredith1
    Oct 15, 2009 @ 13:37:02

    I just got home from work! ANd, duh, I have to have lips on for picture time! I normally don’t wear any makeup to the gym, but if I’m gonna be up there teachin, I wanna look presentable. haha. Tony never eats what I do. He’s ben on a diet, so he’s been eating soup everynight. Even when he’s not on a diet, he doesn’t eat what I do. He make shis own. SOmetimes I’ll cook for him, but he doesn’t care.


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