Poooo Yet Productive

As I mentioned last night, I was not feeling 100%. This lead to me staying home today. I’m feeling better now, Thank God! It was actually a perfect day to feel like poo because it was raining cats and shadoobies outside. Perfect sleeping inweather.

Although I was home feeling icky, it actually has turned out to be a pretty productive day. ran some errands and gonna do a litttle, and I’ll emphasize LITTLE, cleaning. Did I mention, I HATE CLEANING.

When I finally woke up, I was really feeling like having a diet rootbeer. Luckily, I had just 1 left. mmmmm. 

tuesday 10 13 001


I don’t drink a lot of soda, but when I do buy them, I usually opt for the diet rootbeer. My hubby, well that’s a totally different story. He’s a Diet Coke fiend! Lucky for him, he doesn’t have to worry about me stealing any of his drinks!

tuesday 10 13 010


Since I didn’t make it to work, I’ll show what I did have packed…Here’s breakfast.

tuesday 10 13 006

I was gonna put some PB on the pita and naner.

I was gonna soup it for lunch. Nothing exciting.

Once I started feeling better, I decided to run some errands. Post office, bank, grocery store. Seems like I’m at the grocery store EVERYDAY! I could probably go without buying groceries for 2 months and be able to live off the existing food I have in my pantry and freezer. I actually like going grocery shopping. Most peeps I know can’t stand it.

How about you? Do you enjoy or despise going to the grocery store???

While at the store I’ll show a few of the things I got.

A rare find…

tuesday 10 13 007

 OK, I had to buy this! It was a limited edition! No worries, I didn’t eat it. It’s been stashed away to my secret bag of goodies for those days when I’m feeling a little wild. lol.

A new wine…

tuesday 10 13 008

I thought I’d try this. I like Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio, so I thought, what the hay. I’m not a big red wine drinker, but when I do, I usually go for a Noir. Oh, and I have to chill it. I don’t do anything room temperature.

What do you guys prefer, red or white? Or something other than wine?

And last…

tuesday 10 13 005


I’ma sucker for fresh flowers. I think they just brighten the room. My favorite are Gerbera Daisies, but these were on clearance for $3! I had to buy them, right??? Ihave serious shopping issues, even when it comes to flowers. It’s sad.

I actually got a lot more stuff, but didn’t take a pic. Sorry. Got some brussel sprout beauts that I’ma roast up tonight. YUM!

As far as workouts go for today, I was going to go to Body Pump, but may hold off till tamale. If I hold off, then I’ll do my elliptical routine and prolly practice for the 71 launch….it’s in less than a week!

I also forgot to post that I did my first day of the 100 pushup challenge last night. It was pretty easy. We’ll see if I still feel that way on the 5th week.

Anywho, I’m off to make some roasted red pepper hummus and clean the bathroom. Ugh, shiver….


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ryan
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 03:26:03

    I love a Pinot Noir. But usually I go for a Shiraz by Coppola or a Reisling if I want a non-red.

    And I love to shop since I do most of the cooking. The HEB produce and meat dept is awesome by our house.

    Love your blog!


    • hrmeredith1
      Oct 14, 2009 @ 17:24:15

      Oooh, I wish we had an HEB close to us. Another fave red of mine is Menage a’ Trois. It’s amazing, well, atleast I think so.


  2. Lish
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 04:43:58

    I’m not exaggerating. I totally wanted a Diet Root Beer today, but I was already checking out at the grocery. Oh and I hate grocery shopping, and I feel like I’m there all the time now.


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