Morning Recap

Howdy yall! It’s a great day here in TEXAS! Did you guys know that Oprah was at the State Fair of Texas today?!? No kidding, OPRAH! Heard on the news that she went and tried all the fried foodies yesterday….hmmm…wonder if she liked the fried butter?

Yeehaw Oprah!

Yeehaw Oprah!

Can you believe I’ve never been to the State Fair?!? I know, crazy, right. Oh well, I definately don’t need to be exposed to all of the fried temptations. 

 Anywho…on to my grub of choice today…I started the day with another Green Monster. Sorry, crackberry pic ahead. Fuzzy!

Can  you see Super Licky??

Can you see Super Licky??

Made same as yesterday. I also had a whole wheat pita, but no pic. Oops.

Then moving on to lunch I had this salad:


Fresh spinach, red onion, carrots, celery, mushrooms, feta and homeade jalapeno/cilantro hummus. YUMM! I debated on adding in tuna, but decided not to.

And as always, my trusty aluminum water bottle filled with ice cold water for a beverage.


I start my 100 Pushups Challenge today! I will keep you informed on my progress! Not exactly sure what else, excercise wise, I will be doing. Prolly cardio.

Well, I must be getting back to work. Holla at yall later!


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