Catching up…(family)

So, I can’t go back to the beginning of my time, but I thought I’d start by spreading it out a bit and breaking it up into a few different entries. I don’t wanna post a 10 page blog! So….Let’s start with


Like I mentioned before, I’m from a very small town in Texas. GROESBECK! We are the GOATS! Yes, that’s right…GOATS!

Groesbeck Fightin' Goats!

Groesbeck Fightin' Goats!

Pretty much my entire family still resides there, except for my older brother, Chris. He lives in Washington state with his wife, Tammy.  She’s a New Yorker. Crazy, huh. Super sweet though.

My mom (Lindy), dad (Cliff), sister (Kolby), brother in law (Mika), neice (Dani) and nephew (Zack), aunts, uncles and cousins all prettty much still live in Limestone County.

Then we have my hubs side of the fam. Lots live in DFW but lots also live in Chicago and Wisconsin. Did I mention I’m a Greek by marraige??? I am! FUN!


I have the 1 neice and nephew on my side and 2 neices, Jordyn and Whitney, and 3 nephews, Dalton, Dylan and Joey on hubs side.

Also on the hubs side is, mom in law, Lexi, dad in law, Hal, brother in law Dean, brother in law, Gino and wife, Stephanie ( I work with) and brother in law Louie and wife Janis. Big Fat Greek Family! lol. We’re not fat, I was just sayin. lol

That’s our fam (besides us and the 2 shadoobs) in  nutshell… interesting, huh. lol


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