Before We Kick It Old School

I want to catch up on everything, but I wanted to go ahead and post tonights first (since I already had pics uploaded, yay!)

I had a goood gym session starting with Body Pump. Then me and Colleen (fellow gymmate and BP instructor) stuck around to get some more  practice in for our upcoming BP 71 Launch on the 19th! It’s our first launch as instructors! We went thru certification together so we are dedicated to making it ROCK!

Once I left the gym, I snacked on one of these:

mmmm...jerky, but real "beef" jerky. Mesquite lime is my fave!

mmmm...jerky, but not real "beef" jerky. Mesquite lime is my fave!


Then came home to chat it up a bit with the hubs and furry shadoobs (doggies). Before sitting down to watch Desperate Housewives (what DRAMA!) I packed a salad for lunch tamale and breakfast. I work way too far to make and eat before I leave. I’ll make at work. Pics tamale!

I had 1 peice of Joseph’s Lavash flat bread left so I decided to make a lavash eggplant pizza….YUMMM! Here’s the ingrediants:

mushroom, spinach, tomato sauce, eggplant, feta, garlic and red onion. I didn't use the tuna.

Who would have thought one medium eggplant could make so much?!? I used some a couple of days ago on a Lavash pizza, then tonight and I still had tons left over!

Who would have thought????

Who would have thought????

I sprayed a foil lined cookie sheet w/pam, then layered the ingredients on my lavash bread. Oh yeah, I lightly sauteed the eggplant in a pan with spary before puttin git on the pizza. To get it semi-cooked. Yummm.

jerky 004


Baked on 375 degrees for 15 minutes and voila!

I sprinkled some flax seed on top too. That's the brown stuff.

I sprinkled some flax seed on top too. That's the brown stuff.

Then I proceeded to stack it on my plate and settle in to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters (my fave!)

jerky 006




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