Miami Teaser



Ready for the Nuptials.Beach Wedding!


Bride and Groom


Ready for a night out!



What up, yo. Today is Thursday, but it’s actually my Friday! YAY! We are off for Good Friday. I’m glad, because I have a lot to do before leaving for Miami next week…did I forget to tell you? Me and my fitness BFF’s(Colleen and Margarita) are heading to Miami Beach to see our other fitness buddy (Christy) get married. I’m so excited! I’ve never been!

It’s OK, you can be jealous. hehe

Luckily I found a very cute (and super inexpensive dress) for the wedding. It’s a beach wedding and the colors are chocolate and coral. My dress is strapless and is a white color and has chocolate and coral designs. Perfect! So happy to have found the dress. However, I was still wondering what jewelry I would wear with it. Normally I would just wear something I’ve got, but when there was a Stella & Dot representative set up in our building yesterday, I gave in with the quickness to their beautiful and awesome quality goods.

Now, don’t go thinkin’ I’m dawging Stella & Dot by using the $ symbol in my title, it is def worth the $. Mind you, this is definately the most I’ve ever spent on jewelry, but I wanted it and it will look perfect with my dress and I will def get a lot more use out of it too!

It’s the Toujours Necklace, and I LOVE IT! She just got it in last Friday! It is so versatile and can worn in many different ways, even as a bracelet! I also got the matching earings.

They definately will look awesome with my dress! And I will wear them forever. I will also never spend that much moolah on jewelry again….I don’t think. They have some PRETTY AWESOME stuff! My wishslist is growing pretty quick! You should def check them out! I was going to take some pics of all of her goods on display, but my camera battery was dead….hence the craptastic crackberry pic of my lunch.

For some reason wordpress is not letting me put captions on my pictures…very annoying. Anywho, this is brought from home. Baby spinach, leftover grilled lemon pepper chicken, onions, carrots with greek dressing and some spicy three pepper hummus. Yum!

I also attended  my Yoga class we are having here in my office building. I am on the once a week for 6 weeks plan. It’s really going to help me stretch more. I could TOTALLY tell I had not been to yoga in forever. I was tight! I’m use to being very bendy, but when you slack off for a while, you can really tell. This is going to be just what I need!

After work, I headed over to Trophy Fitness to get my Pump on….I ended up only having one attendee. Oh well, she is a regular…but all my other regulars were MIA. Makes me sad 😦 Oh well, I know it’s a busy week for everyone. They will be back. I woulda done it even if no one was there 🙂

It actually ended up being crazy hard on both of us. I’m not sure what the dealio was, but we were both exhausted and our muscles were screaming! I’m thinking mine was because I had gone up on my shoulder weight on Monday and I was feeling the aftershock!

Afer class, I scooted home (40 minutes) and was super busy as soon as I walked in the door. I never an even sit till atleast 9pm frm just trying to get all my stuff done and something made to eat!

I grilled up the rest of my chicken breast and some corn on the cob along with my many jalapenos. It was delishy!

I’m having lunch with my recruiter today. I don’t know where we are going yet. After work I teach Resistance Training downtown at Trophy Fitness. I’m feeling that yoga from yesterday. A lil sore, but in a good way. Have a happy Thursday!


Hello blogg-ees! Not much has been going on in my world…just keeping super busy with work and gym classes.

Last Thursday I decided to venture out to a Whole Foods that is down the street from my job (I’ve actually got one down every street around my job, unfortunately, I chose the one with the least options). This was the smallest Whoel Foods I’d ever been in. They had a tiny salad bar and barely no hot foods. I ended up making a small salad (because they only had small containers) and I got a couple things from the hot bar.

Sad 😦

 Needless to say, I won’t be going back to that location. After work I headed downtown to teach my resistance training class. I was lucky to have a repeat attendee 🙂 We had a good sweaty workout. I ended up getting home about 8:15, was so tired, I got showered and got right into bed. Just what I needed.

Friday, I left work an hour early to get to my class in Arlington, but surprise, surprise…traffic sucked and I ended up having to get a sub. I was mentally exhausted by that point and really had no business teaching my class. I hate that though. I do not like having to get a sub. So, I took out my exhaustion frustrations by meeting Colleen for a beer. Yay! But that was after I went home and did a measley 30 minues on the elliptical.

Saturday, blah, blah, blah…not much happened. But me and Colleen did go out to dinner at Blackfinn American Saloon. I got the Mediteranean platter.


It had hummus, sundried tomato and feta hummus, olives and artichoke hearts, served with flatbread.



I also had a couple beers for my beer-hole. Let’s just say I was having somewhat of a stressful weekend.

To the rescue...

Me and Colleen! We look like mims. hehe

We were supposed to meet up with our friends Christy and Anthony later, but by 10pm, we were so tired, we both went home to relax.

I did manage to fit in some cardio time. Not much, but atleast something.

Sunday was a rest day. I knew I wold need it becasue I wasn’t getting another one until the next Sunday. Lotsa teaching and working out going n this week! I decided to lay out and relax a lil. Shadooby joined me.

Hes a lil pale.

I also decided I’d use this new super powerful tanning lotion I got for the tanning salon. They told me it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, but be sure and use SPF outdoors. I’m such a rebel…SPF, that’s for weenies. Here is the result…


I wasn’t even out there that long and it really wasn’t very hot, but man, they were right. USE SPF! Luckily it wasn’t that bad the next day.

I wanted to be adventurous for eats, so I tried making somethign new. Easy, but new. Baked turkey and veggie roll-ups. Basically it’sjust store bought sandwich meat with veggies rolled up inside and baked in the oven. I added a lil mozza to mine too.

Rolled and ready to bake.

There were carrots, green beans, onion, jalapeno, mushroooms and green onion inside. I had a lot of extra veggies left over so I just threw them on top with some broccoli. Baked at 350 degrees for bout 25 mintes.

Turkey rolls.

I had 2 of those with some frozen pinto beans (that had been in my freezer for God knows how long) that I heated up.

Love me some beans!

Turkey veggie rolls and beans!

Monday after work I headed to Trophy Fitness to teach my Body Pump class. I love my loyal Pumpers there! When I got home, I banged out a sweaty 30 minute elliptical sesh. 30 minutes on 20 resistance. I had leftover turkey rolls for din din with some cheesy polenta…and fresh sliced jalapenos, of course. My new obsession (becasue my insides obvi have a death wish).

Love the penos!

Tuesday is my off day from the gym, so after work I headed home. I was desperately trying to get home to avoid this…

Not my pic, but thats what was headed our way!

No luck, It ended up pouring down when I was about halfway home. ALways makes for a fun drive…NOT!  I’m all about some rain and thunderstorms as long as I’m home! Driving in it is not fun! When I finally got home, I got some chicken marinating in lemon pepper marinade. I then headed up stairs and had a seriously sweaty hour elliptical meeting.


I love sweating my balls off! Feels so good. I showered and got the dishwasher running and then grilled up my chicken. I also grilled a fe onion slices and made some asparagus in the microwave.


Here’s what the rest of my week looks like…

Today (Wednesday) – 45 minutes of Yoga during lunch

Teaching Pump at Trophy Fitness

Thursday (my Friday this week, hollah!) – Teaching Resistance Training at Trophy Fitness

Friday – Teaching Pump at LOA

Saturday – Teaching Pump at LOA

Sunday – Rest AND EASTER!

Hope yall have a great rest of the week! Have a safe and BLESSED Easter!

Gobble Gobble


Ha! I’m back for 2 days in a row! Shocking, right??? Not really much exciting stuff going on, just BUSY as heck! Trying to squeeze everything in with every free minute I get. I just don’t know how peeps with kiddos do it! I guess you just make it work.

Monday after work, I headed to Addison to teach my 5:30 Pump class. It was a small group, but that’s ok. We got our workout in and that’s what matters! All day, I was literally fighting to keep my eyeballs open, but I knew as soon as I taught class,I’d be wide awake. Yep, I was right. Frustrating, becasue all I wanted to do was go to bed.

I didn’t do anything fancy for eats. Just an egg white scramble.

Egg whites...yummm.

I’m considering buying this massive container of egg whites from Egg Whites International.

That's alot of egg whites!

It would definately be worth the money.

Guess what I had for breakfast the next morning at work…you’ll never guess.

So predictable

Yep…egg white scramble. With a lil cheese and salsa. Yum! No lunch pics, sorry! It was a naughty salad. I need to be less naughty and more focused. I guess with this new schedule, I’m just going with what is close. Must work on this! I did snack on this lil gem..


It’s the sweet wasabi mix from AustiNuts.  My building has different vendorst that com in and set up booths to sell their products and AustinNuts was here one day last week. I couldn’t pass up the wasabi mix! Pretty tasty!

As I’ve mentioned before, Tuesday is my only day that I don’t teach after work, so I usually try and cook something decent when I get home. You guessed it…grilled chicken. But I also grilled some romaine and made a grilled chicken and grilled romaine salad.

LOVE grilled romaine.

Of course, this was all eaten after my super sweaty elliptical session. 1 hour on the sports training program at level 20. I heart sweating!

Wednesday! Humpday! Halfway through the week! YAY! No lunch pic. Very naughty.  After work I taught my class at Trophy Fitness in Addison and then headed home. Once there, I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes while my chicken was defrosting. There was nothing in my house to eat tht wasn’t frozen, well, there was tuna, and I should have just eaten that. But instead, I grilled some chicken nd had it alongside edemame and a scrambled egg. You know I’m weird, shut it.

Odd combo.

It was a strange combination, but it was all good.

Tonights my 2nd week of teaching resistance training at Trophy Downtown. YAY! I also just signed up to start taking a weekly yoga class here in our office building. I’m super excited! I’ve desperately been needing yoga back in my life!



Hi…remember me. The girl who is supposed to be blogging on a regular basis again. Sorry! My schedule is totally whack! Busy, busy! Plus, I kept forgetting to bring my cord connecter thingy so I could upload my pics to the puter. No worries, I’m here, and with a long post.

Starting where I left off last week. Thursday was my first night to teach my new resistance class at Trophy Fitness Downtown Dallas.  I wasn’t nervous at all, I don’t get nervous really. Weird. And I was totally just gonna play it by ear. I wrote very few notes, but decided on the playlist, etc. before going.

Class notes...I'm messy.

I only ended up having one person, but I was totally cool with that, being that it was my first class. I thought it went great! We got a really good workout! Here basically how it went…

Upper body first…

Warmup, Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Biceps

Abs, then lower body.

Lunges, Squats with medicine ball…KILLER!

Abs and cooldown.

I’m really going to enjoy not only teaching this class, but getting a bit of a different workout. It’s fun just being able to make up my own workout and teach it.

For lunch, I had a big naughty salad…


When I finally got home after teaching, I had a surprise waiting for me. My “congrats you got your first paycheck from your new job” present I bought myself.


I’m sure you can guess what it is…I tend to go with what I love.


It’s my good friend Kate! You’ve seen her on here a few times before!

How many Kate Spade bags can one girl own....

Super cute. The picture doesn’t do it justice. And the fact that it retails for $335, and I got it for $119, well, that just makes it even more attractive!

Dinner, to be honest with you, I can’t even remember what it was. Sorry!

Friday! Happy Friday! Friday morning we got a mass email that there were breakfast burritos on the 4th floor, so me and my coworker headed down to see what the fuss was about. They musta been good, cuz they were gone by the time we got there. Bummer, oh well, we did score some yummy gaucamole and mango habenero salsa.


Lunch was even more naughty than Thursday. I had a funky taco salad from the building cafe and I added some grilled chicken I brouht from home. I’m a bad girl.

Bad Heather!

After work, I headed to Arlington to teach my 3rd Pump class for the week at LOA. Always a great group of Pumpers!

I was super stoked when I got home after class and found yet another package. It wasn’t really a surprise, I knew it was coming because  ordered it, but I was so excited it had arrived! You’re gonna think I’m crazy when you see…


Yes! My Giant Sunflower seeds assorted flavor pack! Have I mentioned that I am a total sunflower seed addict lately? I need to go to SSA, sunflower seeds anonymous. In my new found addiction, I was on the hunt to find some tasty new flavors, so I turned to my source for everything…google. Giant Seeds was one of the first websites I saw and they had tasty flavors to choose from at a decent price. I went with the “choose your own flavors” variety pack.


I ended up getting 2 of the dill pickle, 2 salt and pepper, 2 spicy garlic, 1 BBQ, 1 ranch, 1 zesty italian and 1 of the salted MEGA seeds.

Call me crazy.

The first flavor I went for was the spicy garlic. I’ve never had this flavor and you know how I love my garlic!


IT was heaven, in seed form. Since then, I have also tried the dill pickle flavor. YUM! Can’t go wrong with a pickled flavor anything in my opinion! For eats, I grilled some chicken breast (surprise, surprise) and had a side of steamed green beans.

A very LARGE side of green beans.

 Oh, and also some Sabra Greek Olive Hummus. Yum!


I was up late, of course, it was FRIDAY! But was super excited for Saturdays activities. Monkey TIME! I was tagging along while my wonderful friends, Staci and Shayne’s, sone got his Easter pics taken in the bluebonnets. YAY! Long story short, traffic blows, I was a lil late, missed the bluebonnet pics, but was there for the pond pics.

Remember this cutie???

That is my MONKEY! He is getting so big!

Look at him go!

He really liked the ducks.

Duck, duck....MONKEY!

 We had a good time, and I always enjoy seeing Owen, Staci and Shayne’s mom. Shayne wasn’t there…booo.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. I did lay out in the backyard for about an hour, then I grilled some chicken fajita meat and made my fabulous beans!

Chicken and beans....can't go wrong.

Another late night Saturday, and a super awesome sleep in session Sunday morning. I had a Pump practice at 3:30, so when I finally rolled outa bed, I headed to run some errands beforehand. Later when I got home, I grilled some more fajia meat…beef this time. I made romaine wrapped beef “fajitas”.

Very mucho yummo.

I’ma go ahead and end this post on Sunday. I’ll catch you up on the rest of this week on my next post. After all, I really should be working.

Oh, and BTW, I added some more pictures to the “PICS” page.


Hello all! Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been super busy! After I taught Pump last Friday night, I drove directly to G-Town (Groesbeck), to have a fun filled weekend with all my favorite peeps! We had a blast. No pics, but we had a really great weekend hanging out. By the time I got home on Sunday, I was BEAT! Dead tired. I did manage to test something new out though. Sweet and spicy grilled carrots. I rubbed them with honey , paprika and chili powder and threw them on the grill. They turned out ok.

With fresh sauteed green beans

I have no idea where that idea came from…maybe I was delirious from the lack of sleep. Anywho…I was off to work on Monday morning. Begining of another long work week. I am slowly making some progress at my new job, but there are many roadblocks that I’m having to work through. We will see…it is so crazy. For lunch, I ended up going to the cafe in our building and getting a salad from the salad bar. I was so tired on Sunday, I completely forgot to pack my lunch…then I completely forgot to take a pic of my salad. Oops!

After work, I headed over to Trophy Fitness in Addison to teach my 5:30pm Pump class. I was stoked to see double the amount of people there from last Monday! YAY!  This makes me smile 🙂

Not only am I so excited and grateful to be teaching Pump there twice a week, but another GIANT plus is that by the time class is over, traffic is gone! I fly home. Love that!

Not really my highway, but that's about what it looks lke!

I always wanna get some cardio in when I get home (maybe I’m a lunatic, IDK), so I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes. Resistance at 20. Of course, by the time I’m done, I’m too tired to think about eating, but I go ahead and throw this together.

Egg white scramble

SO YUM! I forget how much I love eggwhites! So low in calories and fat, but super high in protein! I chopped up my left over pork chop and scraped the kernels from my grilled corn I made last week and tossed them in. It was sooo good, and super duper easy! I added in some fresh jalapenos too. Love jalapenos! I will def be stocking up on my eggwhites again.

Tuesday I decided that I would run some errands on my lunch break, so I headed to the bank, then the grocery store to pick up a few things so I wouldn’t have to stop after work. Being that Tuesday is my only day I get to go home right after work, I wanted every minute once I got there to get things done. While I was at the store, I picked up a cobb salad from the deli for lunch.

With a diet rootbeer.

It came with bleu cheese dressing, so I used it. I know, I know…shame, shame. Oh well. About an hour after lunch, me and my coworker decided to get some fresh air so we headed downstairs to the pond outside our building. We walked 3 times around, which I wuld say was about .75 miles.

Was taken from my office window. Sorry for the glare.

Was nice to get out of the office for a few minutes. After work, headed home..traffic sucked. I wanted to punch it square in the balls! I’m better off teaching classed after work and dodging traffic.

When I FINALLY got home, I put some chicken in a ziploc baggy to marinate in buffalo sauce and hot sauce. I was making grilled buffalo chicken breast.


I used these two sauces…nothing fancy.

I let that sit and marinate, while I headed up for my strictly cardio session. 50 minutes on the elliptical, hills program, resistance 20. After sweating my balls off, I took a quick shower and got to grillin. While the chicken was on the grill outside, I had some asparagus, onion and garlic sauteeing, with non-fat cooking spray, inside.

sizzle, sizzle

I have mad multi-tasking skillzzz. Once the asparagus and onion were a lil ender, I added in some carrot strips and sliced mushrooms.

Very Veggie

It was the perfect side for my grilled chicken.


Then I remembered I had a lil container of bleu cheese in my fridge leftover from something, so I grabbed it. What goes better with buffalo sauce than bleu cheese, right?


I’m so bad…I know. Double the bleu cheese in one day. Oh well, guess I’ll be working extra hard at Pump tonight!



It’s Friday! YAY! And it’s also opening day for the Texas Rangers! WOOHOO!!!! Wish I was getting to go, but not so lucky. I have several friends who will be there though. I will be teaching Pump and then heading to G-Town to hang with my best buds!

Let's Go Rangers! (in sing songy voice)

I will be wearing my Rangers cap during Pump tonight, so I am representing! Sooo, yesterday, I went to meet with the manager at the Downtown Trophy Fitness where I will be teaching my new Resistance Training class. He was super nice and we were both very excited to have me joining there team. He showed me around the gym and told me about the class, but in the end, he said I could teach it however I want. Just as long as I bring the energy and motivation. NO PROB! I got this! It’s going to be very fun. I will be working on putting it all together Sunday and the beginning of next week. Exciting! While I was there, I finally got to meet the owner, Kelley, and he gave me my first check!


$150.00, not too shabby for doing what I love!

Yesterday for lunch I had leftovers again. Yep, veggie stuffed chicken. I also brought a small salad for a side. It had spinach, jalapenos, onion, celery, pickles and pickled okra. I also snagged some pepperonicis from the office kitchen.


Oh, and my Coke Zero :/

After work I headed out for the long haul to the casa. Luckily traffic was glorious! That is def a rare thing in Dallas. I made it home in record time and swung by the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was so excited when I walked in and saw CORN! Corn on the cob, yes, I know, it’s not some new amazing discovery, but it was  my que that is is offically corn season. I heart grilled corn on the cob. I quickly snatched a package of 5 pre-husked ears.  There was gonna be some grilling going on tonight! When I got home, I got some pork chops marinating in jerk seasoning and headed upstairs to get my sweat on. I did 60 minutes on the elliptical, level 20 on the sports training program. It was HOT in there. Showered and now time to grill.

Headed to the grill!

I just sprayed the corn with some cooking spray and seasoned with seasoned salt.


All my pics I took turned out blurry. Sorry. I ended up making a pork sammich on whole wheat Fabulous Flats Tandoori  Naan bread, with spinach, spicy mustard, fresh green beans, cheese and onions.

This stuff is the bomb diggity!

Get in my corn hole!

Guess wht happened next…, shadooby didn’t hijack it (although that’s what my first guess woulda been)….I wasn’t even hungry. I wrapped it up to bring for lunch today. Instead, I ended up having a couple ears of corn and a lil pork chop. This is ridiculious. Oh well, looks like I’ll be having an exciting lunch today. Alright kiddos, I’m all blogged out for now. Gotta get some work done and get ready for Pump and the long drive to G-town. Remember to root for the Rangers! LET’S GO RANGERS!


I’ll be teaching resistance training at the Trophy Fitness DOWNTOWN location! Whew, glad I looked. That would not have been good.

Trophy Fitness-Downtown


Hello blog land! I cannot believe it’s already Thursday! CRAZY! This week is flying by. Hope you all had a spectacular Humpday! Mine was pretty good. Finally feel like I’m getting somewhere at my new job…kinda. It’s a weird ordeal, but I am totally grateful to have it. This whole new schedule thing is completely opposite of what I’m use to, but I like that. I like change…and I like that I’m busy! I’m REALLY dependant on my calendar now, which I love. I use to just free flow, b/c I was never really that busy. The occassional thing here or there, but not now…now I’m busy EVERYDAY. I use my calendar in my phone, but I should probably get a small paper one (totally old school)  too as a back up.

How did we function before these things????

How do you time manage? In college, before I had a cell phone (yes, I’m that old), I could NOT live without my planner. I would never have survived without it. It was full everyday and I would go through and check everything off as I did it. I was really busy then too. Ahhhhhh, the college days 🙂

Enough about boring schedules, let’s get to the good stuff. FOOD! Yesterday for lunch, you guessed it…leftovers! My veggie stuffed chicken, plus some chicken fajita soup I had leftover from Sunday.

Chicken overload!

Oh, and a Coke Zero. I’m really trying not to drink much soda. I found myself overindulging the first 2 weeks here at my new job since it is free flowing. Not good! But I will have the occasional one here and there.

After work I scooted over to Trophy Fitness at Addison Circle (which in real life is only about 7 miles, but in Dallas Traffic life, can take 30+ minutes! Grrrrr) to teach my Pump class. Like I said before, the classes are small, I really need to get to promoting it there, but I’m glad people are showing up. Class went great! I have a few loyal Pumpers already 🙂 DOOODOOOO, I forgot to take pics of the gym, will do that on Monday. The good part about teaching class close to work is that by the time class is over, the traffic is gone. YAY!!!! I flew home, without any traffic issues. When I got home, I decided to do a lil cardio, so I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes at a 20 (that’s the highest mine will go) resistance. By the time I got off, showered and got all my nonsense ready for the next workday (clothes, workout clothes, lunch, etc), I was not even the least bit hungry. Crazy, right. After all that. It happens though, and I’m sure you can all agree with me.

I decided I should probably eat something, so I put together a small buffalo shrimp salad.


It had spinach, onion, celery, jalapeno, some light shredded parm and popcorn shrimp tossed in buffalo wing sauce. The wing sauce was enough, so I didn’t need any dressing. I usually prefer Frank’s Red Hot sauce, but I used this Louisiana Supreme Wing Sauce that I so proudly purchased at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, $1.

Pretty good for $1.

After that, it was bed time. Off to another day of solving peoples problems. Hope you have a great Thursday! I’ll be back!



That is definately what I’m going to be from here out. Things are changing everyday! In a good way. So, going back to yesterday, I left off a couple of other things I have been working on. I passed my AFAA Group Fitness Instructor exam and I am also studying to take my AFAA Personal Trainer Certification exam!

That's a BIG book!

It’s actually a interactive web-based certification program. Pretty cool!

It is ALOT of information! I also was asked yesterday if I would like to start teachig a new class at Trophy Fitness Uptown location on Thursday evenings. How could I resist! I’m so excited to branch out. I LOVE my Body Pump, but this will be a great experience. It’s a freestyle resistance training class, so I will get to choreograph all of the workout! How exciting! So tha tmakes my schedule-working 8-5 Monday thru Friday, teaching gym classes Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and the occasional Saturday. I haven’t been this busy in AGES!

Onto the food! I’m quickly learning that my creative cooking is going to have to be limited to Tuesdays or the weekends. It is way too late when I get home on the other nights to be in the kitchen cooking. So, last night I decided to make veggie stuffed chicken breasts. Luckily, I just happened to have all the ingrediants on hand.

First, I chopped my veggies. I had fresh green beans, a red bell pepper (that was on it’s last leg), green bell  pepper (also close to death), red onion, a jalapeno and some garlic.


THen, I carefully butterflied my chicken breasts and pounded them out to make them thin so that would give me more room to work with. Then I got to stuffing! I put a little of each veggie and garlic into each chicken breast, seasoned with S&P and rolled them up.

Ready for the skillet!

I pan seared them with just a tiny bit of EVOO and some cooking spray until they were cooked thru. Super easy!!! I also made some cheesy polenta on the side (my new obsession) topped with the remaining veggies that I sauteed.

Totally YUM!

And from an up close angle…

I HEART perdy food.

That about sums up my night, aside from making sure I had everything in order for today. Work clothes, gym clothes, etc. I am having to take gym clothes everyday, just in case I get a call to sub. I love it!I’m teaching tonight at Trophy Fitness in Addison. I’m going to take a few pcs of the gym, it’s really cool and modern. I’ve got to work hard and get Body Pump really going there. We need some major marketing and promoting. It is to great of a class not to have it full every time! I’m also thinking I’m going to write a post that kinda goes back and shows some of the things I cooked during my 3 month unemployment hoorah. We will see. I’ll catch you on the flip floppy! Have a great HUMPDAY!

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